Used Porsche Parts Shop

Woolies Workshop is one of the leading suppliers of New and used Porsche parts for models including 924,928, 944 & Boxster. We can also supply a range of brand new Porsche parts throughout the UK and all of our parts are 100% original manufacturer parts.

If you are in need of a specific part please contact us directly as not all parts are uploaded to our website. We’re a completely local and independently owned supplier so your always get a friendly and educated service.



Need advice on what Porsche part to buy?

We welcome all questions you might have around the type of part needed for your Porsche and are more than happy to provide advice on the best solution needed for your model.

Although we aim to keep the website update with all of our stock sometimes we have parts which are not updated so please contact us or call us on 01676 532346 to speak to us about any specific Porsche parts you might need.

We look forward to ben part of your restoration project on your Porsche!